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  1. What types of programs and services does the Charles Lea Center provide?

    The Charles Lea Center provides an array of services including supported living (homes/apartments) and work programs. All services are structured to benefit different degrees of abilities and customized to the individual.

  2. Who does the Charles Lea Center service?

    Services are provided for men and women with intellectual disabilities and/or chronic medical conditions in and around both Wilmington and Greenville.

  3. To get started, contact us at call us at (910) 769-3247.

  4. Yes, there was an actual Charles Lea. He was an influential Spartanburg, S.C., businessman who was the president/CEO of the Spartanburg County Foundation when the Charles Lea Center was established. He has since passed away.

  5. Can you explain your logo? What is it?

    Thanks so much for asking! We love our logo! It is a rose, which represents hope. We think it's a very fitting image for our mission and we are quite proud of it.